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Who are we? SriLanka-Promotions.Com was launched to highlight major sales, promotions, news, press releases, discounts and sales fairs from all around Sri Lanka.

Lost in the sea of promotions appearing everyday? Use our Search function to find what you want! Get a snapshot of today’s and upcoming events in the front page, or a birds eye view of all events at the Calendar view where you can even narrow down by category.

Not all events have calendar entries spanning the correct number of days, as many events do not state the ending period such as “while stocks last”. These are marked as “Unknown Ending Date”. Such events will ‘expire’ from “Unknown Ending Date” to “Past Event” in 2 weeks from our best guess ending date.

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Got some news that we should be covering? Tip us off here. As we are also a news publishing site, we’re interested in press releases as well.

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