Commercial Bank offers Fixed Deposit Rates of up to 9% p.a. with min Rs. 500,000 from 14 April 2024

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Commercial Bank of Ceylon PLC, a leading financial institution in Sri Lanka, has announced an enticing offer for fixed deposit investors.

Starting from 14 April 2024, customers can enjoy up to 9% per annum on fixed deposits with a minimum investment of Rs. 500,000. This special offer is part of the bank’s commitment to providing its customers with the best possible returns on their investments.

Special 100, 300 Days Fixed Deposit Scheme

With the stability and assurance of returns that come with investing in Commercial Bank, customers can now take advantage of the special 100 and 300 days fixed deposit schemes.

These schemes are designed to offer flexibility and higher interest rates compared to standard fixed deposits.

Highlights of the Offer

  • Investors can start saving with a minimum amount of Rs. 500,000.
  • Choose between flexible deposit periods of 100 or 300 days.
  • Benefit from interest rates higher than the usual fixed deposit accounts.

Features of the Fixed Deposit

The new fixed deposit scheme allows you to lock in your funds for either 100 or 300 days, with a minimum deposit requirement of Rs. 500,000. Interest on these deposits will be paid at maturity, ensuring that investors receive the full benefit of the high-interest rates.

Eligibility Criteria

The offer is open to both personal and non-personal customers, in accordance with the prevailing guidelines set by the Bank and the Central Bank of Sri Lanka.

Attractive Interest Rates

Customers who place their fixed deposits through ComBank Digital and Flash Digital Bank Account will be eligible for even higher interest rates than the standard offering. The table below outlines the attractive rates available:

Deposit TermInterest Rate (p.a.)Annual Effective Rate
100 Days Fixed Deposit8.00%8.24%
300 Days Fixed Deposit9.00%9.07%

For more information on how to maximize your savings with Commercial Bank’s fixed deposit schemes, click here.

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