KFC Sri Lanka Revives Beloved Cheese Kottu from 2 July 2024

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Sri Lankan food enthusiasts, rejoice!

The much-anticipated KFC Cheese Kottu is making a grand return on 2 July 2024. Priced at just Rs.990, this fan-favourite dish promises to deliver the mouth-watering experience that KFC is renowned for.

The KFC Cheese Kottu is a delightful blend of 1 Pc Hot and Crispy Chicken paired with KFC’s unique cheese kottu, all generously topped with a slice of cheese. This delectable combination is set to tantalise taste buds and satisfy cravings.

For those eager to indulge, placing an order is simple. Customers can visit www.kfc.lk or call directly at 0115532532. The KFC online branch locator, accessible here, makes it easy to find the nearest outlet for those who prefer to enjoy their meal on-site.

This exciting announcement comes with a reminder that terms and conditions apply. Be sure to check the details to make the most of this offer.

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