G.C.E 2013 “O/L” Level Exam Results Released 3 Apr 2014 UPDATED 19 Mar 2016

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The G.C.E “O/L” Level Exam Results has been released on 3 April 2014.

UPDATE: Click here for G.C.E 2015 “O/L” Level Exam Results

Here are some ways to get the exam results

To get the results, follow the instructions below

Option 1: Try it on the form below (Extracted from Website)

Index Number

After you click Submit, a new window should open. WAIT for it to load.

Option 2: Direct Query From Website

1. Visit www.doenets.lk/exam

2. Enter your index number in the right column at the box above

Option 3 For Dialog Customers (Rs 2 + tax)

You can SMS for your results! Only For Dialog customers. Rs 2 + tax

  1. Compose a SMS
  3. Send to 7777

Good luck! If you still having trouble, post your index number in the comments and I will try to check for you.

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